SCOUT Cosmetics, Daily Revitalise Cleansing Creme 潔面乳 150ml

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-Made in Australia. Certified Organic.

-A daily cleanser infused with nourishing Organic Coconut Oil and lightly exfoliating Organic Papaya to deeply cleanse and hydrate the complexion without stripping it of its natural oils.

-Boasting the highest Vitamin C contents in the world, Organic Kakadu Plum further helps fight free radicals and restore the skin’s natural balance.

-Lemon Myrtle adds a fresh, toning element to the cleanser, helping detoxify the skin whilst balancing natural oils, and clearing pores for a more effective cleanse.

-Together with Papain, the active ingredient in Papaya extract, the two exfoliate and brighten the skin for a refined, more revitalised appearance.


重量 250 g